Tuesday, 30 December 2008

28. My own personal heroes - Part I

I think, before the year is out that I should dedicate a page to highlight a few very important people in my life..those that are there when I need them, when I have been sad, lonely, angry about all this cancer gene thing.

These people are special and I am blessed to have them in my life. There will be others along the way and those that I haven't sourced pictures for just yet.

Appearing in no particular order..

Chris Jones - My wonderful husband!

How I came to marry such a fantastic man is beyond me. I guess he was sent to look after me. I do believe that we were fated to be together and I was told (by a spooky friend) that I would meet him. I knew that he was the one I was meant to be with and all he has ever done is love me..regardless of my past, my present or the future. He is just always there and I sees me in all my guises..and he knows me.

Sometimes I just sit and smile that I am so lucky. I adore him!! Without him by my side, I am not sure I would be where I am today or be as mentally stable as I am through all of this. He is my rock.

Carol Crane - My Mum

Always calm, just takes everything in her stride. She has never faltered in front of me I don't think, not even when she went through her own breast cancer. She has been through so much grief losing her sisters to cancer, losing her father, supporting her mother through cancer and now caring for her into her final years. I know that when I need her she is there for me 24/7.

She is just kind and lovely.. I worry that I burden her with my woes sometimes.

I love you Mum - you are just gorgeous! x

My Jones In-Laws

Endless support and understanding from them both. Most people don't like their in-laws - mine are fantastic! Lori has the biggest heart ever and treats me like her own daughter. I am lucky to have all of them. Bob is strong and kind of heart.

I love you both very much x

My Friend - Sam Haydock

An endless source of humour and honesty. She is beautiful. I miss working with you Sam
(and Sue). Both saw me go through the initial panic of finding out about my gene thing..when Mum was going through her testing. I think this was the worst. I cried more often than not when talking about it all. They were both there for me, talking to me, calming me.

A true friend. Big fat hugs x

And last on this Part I page of heroes goes to..

Lisa Roy - BRCA2+

Lisa found me looking for info on Facebook and contacted me. She started a blog too and you'll see Lisa's blog, My Choce in my blog following list telling her own story after discovering she was BRCA2+. She's sent me messages of positive thought when I have had a blip (as too has Karen McCluskey - also BRCA2+).

She's shared intimate photos of her breast surgery and been strong throughout her journey. What else can we do but just get on with it? Sharing my own journey with others like me has made things easier to cope with, easier to understand and easier to reach out to others.

Thank you Lisa..you are a gem. Enjoy your new year, remember it always! Your first with your noobs and peace of mind. Enjoy and stay in touch x