Wednesday, 17 December 2008

17. The future's SO bright I gotta wear shades..

Timing is everything.

It makes comedy funny or not funny.
It cooks a meal to perfection or disaster.
It makes you early or late for an appointment.

Planning helps you beat time, to master time - to be in charge.

So here I am, planning - taking charge.

I have decided to go to university, the timing couldn't be more perfect if it tried. I do actually feel that the timings of everything in my life recently; redundancy, operations, work opportunity with the dearest Liz, family support..all timings have converged at this point - the point where I think beyond my high cancer risk life, my new future.

Life. Funny - I tried to think beyond before but it was all focused on now, the immediate future but now I have life plans. My horizon is expanding (I do hope that Dani in US is feeling this now, above her painkiller haze).

Things have happened recently that have forced me to think about where I am going. This is it, a new future. I sat with Chris and watched the clouds turn pink and orange as the sun set, watched the stars get brighter - watched the rotation of the earth as they moved across the sky. We talked about where we are going and I can almost feel the New Zealand grass under my feet. I will post some more on the subject of moving to another country with my genetic condition - it may cause a bit of a stir one day - another battle to fight but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

The washing machine is on, rumbling away down in the kitchen alongside his friend, the dishwasher, who is also swishing along next door. I'm thinking about a cup of tea right now. A nice hot cuppa and some internet research..maybe a spot of bird watching over lunch later in the conservatory and then whisked away in the Jimster (Suzuki Jimny to you lot) to Teignmouth to see my stepson for the last time before Boxing Day (the 5th year in a row for me, the 9th for Chris).

Must get to the post office too - I am sooo crap! Its probably growing up with the internet that has done it you know, I lived without a computer once, now can't live without one - its all instant! My mother will never understand that the post office is just something I don't really do, I write emails not letters (and blogs).