Monday, 8 December 2008

15. Fluffing my nest

I started to fluff my nest. The conservatory has been a non-plus room for us since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago so I have been resourceful in the last few days. My stinking head cold has passed from me to Chris and we are both sniffling, snotty slobs at the moment. Nice! Anyway, without any exciting job opportunities arising I felt I had to do something to improve the enjoyment of space in the home. I found - a nationwide recycling incentive managed by localised group moderators on Yahoo. Anyone can join and I am a big fan of recycling and free stuff.

I contacted a nice lady who was advertising a wicker/cane settee so I snapped it up for free and set about reorganising the conservatory so we can sit out and virtually be in the garden. I imagined the uncomfortable situation I will be in come Easter after my op and thought it was time to sort out a cosy happy space to spend my hours of convalescing in. I will be able to enjoy sitting out in the warm and watch the birds come and go in the garden, watch the plants grow through spring into summer, watch life. The re-org has proven a great success and I am clearing stuff from the house so that it feels positive and calm, not cluttered. Its amazing how long it takes to get rid of extra things you don't need or use anymore after a move. Its done now, there is little left that doesn't have a purpose or hold some beauty.

I am up here on the computer in my makeshift office space with no window and its a bit sad, its warmer than the conservatory but its sad too - no view. I need outdoors. I also need a job soon or my brain will turn to mush without the mental stimulation of work everyday. I need mental stimulation everyday, its crazy, I feel a little crazy. Plans are formulating..but what will it be. I am still holding out for one particular job but time will tell. I surely have a place among the thousands who are now unemployed out there - I am intelligent and conscientious..please dish me some luck.

Please..before I start dribbling.