Saturday, 27 December 2008

26. Back home and happy

After all my scroogeness and "I hate Christmas" my family and in-laws made it just great.

We were relatively poor this Christmas due to my being out of work and it was quite hard.
It made me truly appreciate the wonderful gifts we both received and the thought that had gone into the surprises. I thoroughly recommend stripping away the materialistic Christmas that usually engulfs us all and take £100 and see what you can do with it. It was tough but we had to spread it around. Most of it went on my stepson and it was worth it - he was overjoyed with his gifts and is excited about coming to play with all his new bits. I made cheese and bacon twists for a friend (and shared out the rest!), donated an old digital camera, gave a money tree in a happy pot and a pot of jelly beans as some gifts. I think I spent my time realising how much I love everyone around me. A cold sunny walk to a hill fort on Christmas day was just what I needed too.

Right now I'm sat next to our bedroom open fire keeping warm because the damned boiler decided to throw a fit after Chris bled the air out of the radiators today. It is 2 degrees outside and we live in an old Victorian granite cottage...brrrrrrrr....the boiler people aren't open until tomorrow so we are snugged up here with the moggits and the tv. Hooray for log fires!!

Looking forward to seeing my Dad in March. He said he will be over in time for my operation - which is nice to know..I won't have seen him for 9 months by then. I think he is worried about my operation but I told him I will be fine..and it would be great to see him.

Anyway, not a lot of boob or ooph op chat today, just a happy but chilly Christmas. Hoping you all had a great one.

Only 1 mince pie and a third of a bottle of Baileys to go..then its all good eating again. My body doesn't like me at Christmas, I eat too many treats and luxury stuff and it is crying out for veggies and fruit..I can hear it screaming at me.

Detox and Wii Fit frenzy coming soon!