Saturday, 4 August 2018

92. Feeling nippy

Meanwhile, in the time machine of breast reconstruction, 8 months have passed since I became the owner of my second pair of nipples.  Not sure I ever imagined I would have more than one set in life, but there we go.  Bizarre sentences have passed my lips on more than one occasion on this journey to full breast reconstruction.

Early on I had some troubles with my nipple stitches being taking out slightly too early and my nipple flaps coming undone a little.  The nerve exposure was so painful I ended up in A&E and given Tramadol.  Marv!  I dealt with my own dressings for a month until they were fully healed and now, although completely different shapes and sizes, they are settled and ready for tweaking (*snigger) with a surgical knife again.  I am a little pissed off, as I was ready to have my second instalment of fat grafting done in February.  I was bumped down the list and now probably off the list as I was too busy with exams and coursework to have any further surgery.  The fat grafting was very successful to the point that my left boob is now bigger than the right but lower than the other.