Thursday, 5 May 2011

82. Unveil the revisions nurse!

A lot has happened since post 81. Bouncy Ball Therapy so I will try not to waffle on.

The update for today is really that I am fresh from a visit to see my GP nurse, after having my revision surgery unveiled for the first time. I can tell you, I am elated. I have suffered this last 18 months with my neck, back and muscle cramping spasms in my chest. I feel so much more comfortable today, despite the soreness and stickiness of my skin from removing dressings and sutures. The band of tightness has reduced and although it is still there all the time under my arms, my reconstruction breast muscle has been released from that spasm. I am relieved. I risked losing my flaps if the blood supply was cut by mistake but my surgeon did good.

Background story
SKIP if you know my story of reconstructed boob spasms and whining about neck pain. FIRST TIME readers - heres a brief low down...

It has been 18 months since I really re-entered life again after my LD Flap breast reconstruction some 9 months prior. I started Uni so I could retrain after being made redundant from my job. That was September 2009, and after only a couple of months back to a basic but normal life, I started to go downhill physically with weak back, neck and shoulder strength. I wasted a year of Uni because my neck was getting worse, not better and lots of typing and sitting down doing my computing course were not helping. I even had to rethink my career path because of my neck and spasm issues. I felt better being more active but without lifting weight or typing lots. I decided on an Extended Science BSc course and it has been challenging with all my appointments this year; with physiotherapists, doctors, surgeons, hospital, all on top of my studies but I made it through and did pretty well this year. Very pleased indeed!

To summarise, it has been a tough 18 months (with added complications which I don't need to bleat on about right now) but 7 days ago I had my 4 hour revision surgery with the lovely Mr Camp, my seriously wonderful surgeon. My overlapped nipple patch sections have gone - now smooth, my dog ears have gone - now smooth, lengthening my scars to about 8 inches each on my back and I have two new scars, one inch each, vertically, under each armpit through which the spasm causing nerves for the LD muscles were hunted down and snipped. I have decided to get some will be getting some photos posted soon of my whole process but was feeling a little shy before but I feel it is time to share it as I am quite proud of what surgeons can do for women in the predicament I find myself in by being BRCA1 positive.

I had my surgery at Derriford Hospital under the superb care, level headed and joking manner of Mr Camp, a plastic surgeon and the staff of Freedom Ward and Lynham Ward were brilliant. Short staffed but calm, friendly, helpful and kind. I stayed overnight with some great people under the weather with an interesting selection of different physical issues. An unstoppable nosebleed, implants balancing odd breasts, an ulcerated throat, a thyroid gland removal and a leg injury..oh and me with my breast reconstruction revisions and denervination of muscles.

Clean, infection free, comfortable overnight stay with extra helpings of toast and jam for breakfast please. You were all brilliant!

I, on the other hand, am healing very well and looking forward to going shopping for summer vests that I now feel I can wear without conscience of onlookers staring at my indented nipples patches (paddles) through my tops. I am still not sure if I will wear a bra again. So many friends have commented about how nice it would be not to wear one ever again and I am so used to it. I might just get some nude coloured covers like these after I get some little nipple bumps done - not sure I want anything too much of a nipple really - and these would help cover them up in sheerer clothing. Nipple Patch - Silicone Petals