Monday, 4 January 2010

75. Physio, Tidy Up & Fix It Surgery

Happy New Year All!

I am joining the January surgery mob (other BRCA Sisters out there are also on the list and we step forward together). On 16th December I had an appointment with two Plastic Surgeons and two other doctors. Five of us crammed in a small room and all intensely talking about my breast reconstruction, my boobs. It is a thing you get used to. I have lost any kind of shyness I may have had about getting them out with the amount of viewings they've had!

I told them about my problems with tightness, spasms and pain and they asked me to do the side front, bend twirls.

My main Plastic Surgeon is not the guy who did my Breast Reconstruction and he said he needs to discuss the surgery and how it was done with the original surgeon. They are planning to de-nervinate my Latisimus Dorsi muscles which now form the volume of my breasts. They are both still reacting to movement and tensing. Sometimes I get twitching so strong I can feel it for ages after the initial spasm, like they lock up and stay hard. Today I am going to record a video of their magical moving properties so I can look back on the changes. I will post this in BRCA Umbrella for everyone's amusement! Remember the pec dance clips of the past? Maybe I can do a version of my own. I found one!! Check out this video ->

Risks: as the surgery to cut the nerves from my Lat Dorsi muslces that now reside happily and unhappily in my boob skin is detailed, they could potentially cut the blood supply to the muscles themselves instead of just the nerves. Not good but I have to take the chance.

Physio says: My pectoral muscles are too strong. This is pulling my shoulders forward and I seem to be getting more and more tingling in my hands and elbows like nerves are trapped. She made me do some moves that sent a stinging and intense pain down each arm right through my elbow to my wrist. Ouch! I have some moves to do to help stretch them out but the Lats help keep your shoulders back and without them I am compensating lifting with my pecs instead and seem to have overbuilt them. This explains some of my problems. I shall speak to the surgeons about her comments too. Something is restricting my nerves in my arms and causing the pain.

Will it ever end? Yes, at some point I will just say ENOUGH but for now I have to go forward. BRCA1 gene - You shit!

3 weeks now. I am looking forward to it and dreading it too.