Thursday, 4 December 2008

13. Positivity and rug pulling 13. Positive? Hmmmmm...sceptical today.

I have just had a phonecall from the people I have an interview with tomorrow..sorry HAD an interview with. I was preparing all my questions, putting all my positive into getting that job. The phonecall was to say, sorry but our budgets have been cut and we have to put the position on hold until further notice. This is great! Just great!

At least Gordon Brown has thrown some form of lifeline for us, the mortgage payment help. I can't imagine how we will cope otherwise. It looks like Chris might have to have surgery (maybe) and all before I have my op too. I am worried, very worried.

The swimming sea of worry surrounds me yet I feel positive. I will trudge on.

I am going to make my famous and ludicrously tasty butternut squash and bacon soup for lunch.

Food for the soul.

Today is not a great day but I am about to try and make it better...then look for more work and burn my retinas some more in front of the monitor.

Ho is glum x