Tuesday, 23 December 2008

25. Great news!!!

I am not feeling crazy anymore..not that I was but just in case anyone out there was a little worried about me I'm just fine. This is one of the reasons I want to get rid of my darn reproductive system - its not my friend in any way and makes me irrational and far to contemplative for my (or my husband's) liking.

Time to relax today - going to visit a travelling friend today - go and be silly and let my mind free for a while. Nice..off to make soup for lunch first and get dressed. I am sitting here in my monsters inc. dressing gown still and its 9.30am! Shocking!

Wishing you all an excellent festive break..hope its not too full of mince pies and cream. I've had enough for everyone and need to sort that out in the new year. Hello Wii Fit...here I come hardcore stylee!!



Lisa said...

Fabulous news if they can do it for you. you're right to look at every option and there's no shame in back-tracking a bit on your choices, you simply weren't aware that the particular egg choice was there.

I'll have everything crossed for you Monday and hope for once that you get some good news!x

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough Leigh-ann I was actually going to mention the egg retrieval thing to you at the weekend. I'd been talking to one of my Marie Curie Support Group members (who is a MC Nurse)about the embryo screening thing and your dilemma and she mentioned that this might be an option. I've been busy and I forgot to mention it but you got there before me ~ as usual!!!

Hope the news is good next Monday when you get the phonecall.

Loving the blog ~ as usual. You have a certain way with words that just makes them flow. I get mine all muddled up and then give up what I'm trying to say. Karen x