Wednesday, 17 December 2008

18. Operation Ovary - When?

Hope this posts - having a very intermittent internet day today. Very odd indeed! Probably all the last minute Christmas shoppers online damn them!!

The very useless secretary of Mr Frappell (my ovary removing surgeon) finally called me back last week to tell me that she still didn't have a date for my operation and that she had to now put me on the waiting list. So what have I been doing for the last 6 weeks? Sitting on her desk? I kicked off a little and demanded that I get my date as soon as possible and reminded her about my March boob op. Why am I not already on a patient waiting list? I cannot understand it. The rules say that I have to be completed in 18 weeks which means she has until March which is just not gonna work. She tells me that she should have a date by the end of this week.

Today is Thursday..6 days have passed since we last spoke and not trusting that she would call me with a date, I called her. Guess what..NO DATE YET! She told me again that it would be some time in the middle of January, probably. I thought it would be nice to have some notice so I asked her how much notice I would get as it was now only a week until Christmas and I would likely not hear from her again until the New Year, to which she retorted:

"How much notice do you need?"

Excuse me? You can probably tell this woman doesn't enjoy her work and probably doesn't have to deal with demanding people like me everyday. I am peed off today as it is, my stupid womb is killing me and I truly want the thing shut down and stop working altogether. Today is not a day to be shirty with me, so I pretty much kept myself to myself today - in case I upset someone. I was nice to her, polite in a stern kind of way if you know what I mean.

I noticed her tone change slightly after she realised how rude she'd been.

"..erm..I have to give 3 weeks statutory notice anyway. There are two ladies waiting as well as you and I am still waiting for dates, I'm sorry I can't make it happen any quicker, we are waiting for management to make decisions about the extra operation slots list."

Hello lady!! I am not a nagging customer in a huge queue at Argos waiting for a fondue set to get picked..

"Item number 987, Ovary Removal Operation - ready for collection at Desk A now please bong.. Item number 987, Ovary Removal Operation - ready for collection at Desk A now please.."

Lets just hope the darn things don't mess up before she gets round to pushing this forward for me. I bet the other ladies aren't waiting to have their boobs scooped out straight afterwards..I would like some recovery time if thats not too much trouble!

So, I feel like I'm sitting on the lonely luggage conveyor belt with two other luggage shaped ladies waiting to be noticed, to be collected..

..going around again..through the flaps.. ..squeak squeak.. ..and out again.. ..squeak, squeak.. ..through the flaps.. .. squeak squeak.. ..and out again.. squeak squeak squeak..