Wednesday, 7 January 2009

29. Welcome to 2009!

Happy New Year to you!

My news so far this year...

  1. University stuff arrived - avidly studying and applying.
  2. Battle of wills and rights with stepson's mother - stepson won.
  3. Telling Job Centre that I don't need them and their negativity no more - smiling about focus in life!
  4. Great Bird Sadness:
  • Attempting to rescue an oyster catcher with a broken wing near Dawlish Warren - bless put him to sleep.
  • Watching my cat maul to death my favourite bird in the garden - a Goldcrest. I'm livid but thats
Oh..and its very cold!


Anonymous said...

Hiya, just been catching up on your blog. Great news about the embyro freezing; so pleased for you as at least this gives you the option if you decide you do want kids in the future.

I'm laughing about the Job Centre bit as my Sister has worked for them for around 25 years.

Karen xxx

zuzz said...


Finally I have figured out this "blog thing" and can now read and post a comment :)
It´s not always so easy when my native language is not English, but I don´t give up trying.
Tried to post a couple of weeks ago but with no luck :(
Off to work in a moment but I will check in later.

You have my support