Tuesday, 13 January 2009

31. Fresh as a daisy

..almost. Its amazing what a bath can do for you.

Its also amazing what support can do for you. Thank you to all of you who have passed comment and offered kind words in the last 24 hours - its lovely to know you are out there. You are the people who will help me reach my surgery mentally in one piece. As predicted though, 24 hours has passed and I don't feel like I'm possessed by the hormone devil anymore!

Phew..lets get back to jolly.

Not to go too far off subject, thought I'd mention that I have been posting to Facebook groups about the BRCA+ parents with children approaching 18 subject. For those with a Facebook account, follow these links - those without one, sign up its free and there is a wealth of support and information hiding in the social networking site.


Will post again on Friday afternoon after my eeeeeek 8.40am appointment at the docs.

Take care y'all


Oh happy Tuesdaaaaay...oh happy Tuesdaaay..