Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Leigh-ann's surgery

Hi all,

As most of you know, Leigh-ann had a double mastectomy with reconstruction yesterday, and to cut a long-story-short she is doing fine.

I went into the hospital at 6:50am yesterday to be with Leigh-ann whilst she went through the pre-op prep, and she was taken down to theatre at 8:20. She went into theatre at 9:45 and then didn't get back to the ward until 21:50; that's a whopping 12 hours (2 hours were in recovery). The surgeon is initially pleased with how everything went, though we'll find out more today.

Leigh-ann is extremeley tired and hot (she is kept at 38 degrees to promote good blood flow), and very agitated and irritable, but she is pleased it is over (though I think the hard bit has just begun), and last night she was drinking and talking happily.

It was a phenomenally long day, but when I left Leigh-ann at the hospital I went straight to the beach with my kayak. I knew everything was going to be fine when I came over the hill to find glassy smooth 2ft waves peeling over the sand bars, and there was no-one else in sight!!! On such a perfect day I knew nothing could go wrong and so I happily surfed until 12:00 and then got a load of stuff done at home before I headed back to the hospital.

Thanks to everyone for your wishes, Leigh-ann appreciates them all.



Lisa said...

Thanks Chris for letting us know. She's a tough cookie, so I didn't doubt that she's be fine, but it's good to hear anyway! Send her my love please, let her know that she's not missing anything and that everyone on BRCA Umbrella is very proud of her xx

zuzz said...

Thank you so much for letting us know how she is doing.
Take good care of yourself´s.

Give her my love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. I did text Leigh-ann yesterday before she went to surgery and again this morning. It is great to know she is ok. She is such a positive person and a great authority on BRCA. I think she sent a photo text but my stupid phone won't let me check the message. Give her lots of gentle hugs from all her mates on here and brcaumbrella & facebook.

Look after yourself too.

Karen xxx

Shari said...

That's fabulous!!!! Give her an "air" hug from me as you won't be able to get too close!