Tuesday, 3 March 2009

42. Where am I? 27 days to Operation Boob Removal!

I decided to stop pacing around the house trying to fill my day..I decided to make coffee, sit down and get this out of my system.

My last blog was sadder than I intended. I'm okay though. Being at home with my mind is hard work - it needs feeding all the time. I must learn to slow down now or I will face frustration whilst laid up. I am keen to do DIY in the house and I am scared that I won't be able to do much of that after. It even made me think about implants instead but I don't know..it's so close now, I can't change my mind. I also know that after my op I won't be having a gardening extravaganza either and I am a keen gardener. Lots of jobs seem to loom ahead of me in the next few weeks but I can't do them all and I have to think that I will be fine after, that I won't suffer back pain or shoulder weakness. I will make myself good again - it just seems massive at the moment, I want to be normal me but I will be changed me.

It's lashing it down today and the conservatory is just warm enough to hang out comfortably in today. I may have to employ some cosy blanket around the house though for added comfort. It's a wheatbag day coming. I can feel the dull ache building. Getting my daily dose of daylight which brightens my mood even when it is lashing it down outside.


Boat renovation. I helped hubby with his surf kayak repair project last night - masking up the stripes and revealing the great results just before bedtime. He is pretty amazing really. His blog is Adventures in Kayak Surfing!!! if you are interested. Chop a cheap battered boat up and restore it. Looks GREAT! Looking forward to the launch..camera, flask tea and the beach. About a week to completion.. : )

Life update. We might be getting a stairlift to help Chris look after me for a while and maybe permanently. Cool? Yeah..kinda :)

Nature action. Groped female number one hasn't been seen since her ordeal with many male frogs. Three lots of frogspawn made it though. I hope she is okay out there.

A stunning new female frog is in the pond and had two suitors already. But she is facing an ordeal too. There are about 10 males in our pond..she is the second to brave their mug the woman tactics. Well..update soon.

That's all the news for today.

Back to my seeds and garden plan.

Smile.. : )