Tuesday, 22 May 2012

87. Plumping my pillows

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was today.  As I drove around the fringes of the city towards the hospital, the school kick out traffic slowed my pace.  I was able to people watch a little and sat perched on bus stop benches in the sun were women in colourful skirts, exposing freshly shaven legs - with freshly cut and blood scabbed shins.  Lovely!  Guaranteed, the minute the sun comes out, the first 'exposure' shave will end in tragedy with blobs of tissue stuck all over the place to stop the never ending bleed that comes with a razor skinning.  

As usual, nowhere to bloody park.  I drove through every single car park in the hospital grounds before I found a spot, where I wasn't supposed to park.  Sod it!  On entering the Outpatients some woman was ranting about photocopying a piece of paper, which obviously needed the attention of ALL FOUR RECEPTIONISTS AT ONCE!! Two other patients and I waited a polite little while until I wanted to shout, 'Get the fuck on with it will you!!', but I didn't, I'm too pragmatic in such situations so I just stepped right up to the desk and forced one of the receptionists to deal with me.  She stretched with here hands on her face and yawned, "Can I help youuuu?".  Rude cow.  The usual security questions were asked.  Security, seriously? If anyone wanted to steal someones identity, just hang out in Outpatients where patients reel off all manner of personal details aloud for all and sundry to hear.  Good place for stalkers too, phone numbers given out and addresses - genius NHS, utter genius...

For once Waiting Room 2 was nearly empty and the open window seats were free.  Phew, it was hot - like 22C hot, nice for outside but not sat in a stuffy hospital.  Comedy surgeon was late but I did't mind, I was twittering to some funny ladies and looking at the people as they were called for their appointments, one by one, emptying the waiting room further.  Finally it was my turn.  Into the small room I've seen many times before along this journey but no gown today which can only mean no boob flashing.  This was a first, I often feel exposed (of course) and talk a lot with nervousness when I'm half naked in front of two men who poke and squeeze my boobs.  Comedy surgeon and sidekick surgeon entered the room and smiled with familiarity and I felt comfortable.  I proudly announced that today we were going to talk fat transfer.  He flicked though my two inch thick file and his notes, nods and mumbles then told me to stand up so he could check me over for wobbly areas.  Thankfully I'm harbouring enough lardy bits (thank you cake, pizza and revision laziness) to make the operation possible, but I am not allowed to lose weight.   

We discussed the downsides of the surgery; possible infection, cysts, fat necrosis, loss of fat cell percentage (30-50%), uneven breasts, bruising and soreness.  I have to stay in overnight for the first procedure so they can manage the pain levels.  I'm sure it won't be that bad, nothing can compare to what I have already been through with my first surgery.  

The positives of this type of surgery are that the fat transfer is natural and good results are achieved.  The fat that forms new blood supplies in the breast tissue will stay forever and change with my weight, which is one of my big issues, and I will gain volume in the upper part of my breast too which will help fill a bra cup more fully.  Obviously I will have a more svelte bottom, thigh and tummy region where they liposuck (sp??) the fat from and bigger boobs.  Yay!

The first procedure will take 3 hours maximum as my nipples are being done at the same time.  The second and third procedure will just be fat transfer via liposuction so I can grow some more podge in between each session (about 2-3 month intervals).

So, by Christmas I might look more like Dolly Parton and less like Popeye's wife, Olive in the boob volume department.  No, seriously though, I will be happy to gain a cup size and some fullness so I can go back to normality, as close as I will ever be.  Just waiting for the appointment now and I am excited!  


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