Monday, 21 May 2012

86. Fat transfer appointment...tomorrow!

Note:  All links used in this post are NHS pdf files and previous posts within this blog.

After a couple of phonecalls to comedy surgeon's secretary, an appointment arrived promptly in the post.  Tomorrow I go to meet comedy surgeon and discuss my fat bits (joy!).  I've been holding off reducing my wobbly bits in anticipation of this meeting.  Hanging on to the wobble for a few more weeks.  Never have I been happier about saying, "yes, I have fat bits, isn't it great?!!".

My risk of breast cancer was so high, 85% high and after three years of waiting for everything to settle down after my LD Flap breast reconstruction (you can read more here) I've finally arrived at the end stages.  I lost a whole cup size and a couple of inches through my surgery, despite being told they would use small implants if the muscle, skin and fat was not enough to match what I had before (I was a perfectly formed 36B when I was a complete woman) yet they were never used.  I'm pretty pleased about that, I never wanted implants anyway but I never expected to be so much smaller than I was.

From the front I look even and proportioned and they appear even but a side profile reveals the loss of volume and I can't find any bras to fit me.  The left is much flatter than the right.  Tomorrow I will go to get measured for a bra fitting and take that info to comedy surgeon.  I'm 63kg at the moment (about 3kg over my norm) and even that small weight gain makes me feel flat chested.  My body spreads its weight well, I'm an all over girl, but my breasts never change size with the rest of me.  I didn't realise how much that would bother me and it was never really explained that it would happen.  The reason is due to the location where the skin and muscle was taken from; my back.  Most people don't put much weight on their backs, unlike TRAM Flap which is stomach fat and muscle, an area where women tend to gain weight easily.  Fat transfer may change this for me, introducing fat from areas of the body that store fat; hips, thighs and stomach and so, as the cells settle in, they will act as they always have, gaining and losing fat with the rest of me.  About 40-50% of the fat injected will be reabsorbed and several visits are required to achieve the results discussed.  The maximum increase is usually two cup sizes.

I'm a little apprehensive but quite excited.  Comedy surgeon has seen me change my mind a few times but this time it feels right.  My time is now, lets do this thing and get on with the rest of my life.