Wednesday, 29 April 2009

58. I might be evolving..into a Woolly Mammoth!!

A Mammoth? Yeah..maybe but how? Tis a surgical hormonal miracle I tell you!

Went back to the health centre today to get my scar goo, stitch poking out problem looked at again. The nurse hadn't seen my boobs before (I am calling them boobs a lot..smoobs seems to be used in jest only these days). She was initially impressed and then asked what the problem was. I explained about the stitches sticking out and the weeping areas on my back scars. I turned around.."Oh my - wow that's pretty major surgery!" I guess my 7 inch scars are still impressive and shocking. I turned round so we could talk and she comment on how 'hairy' I was. Now this is something I hadn't talked about because I was hoping it was my imagination. I told her that I was not hairy (only my forearms). I even showed her my 'needing a shave' armpits (they are still hard to sort out as I can't feel anything if I cut myself to shreds)to demonstrate how not hairy I am. She agreed, then checked my back which is also not hairy. I told her that since my surgery both my husband and I have noticed that my left breast is getting hairy and pimply like more hair is trying to grow through.

Now there is downy body hair that women have and then there is this..this is wrong. The downy hair has got darker and seems more. Maybe it's just darker. I'm not imagining it. The nurse even commented on it. Weird thing is, it's mostly the left breast, the one that is not quite so good as the right one. It's the problem child.

Aside from that little issue and discussion about being hairy, I had two stitches pulled out of my back. One was the 'knobble' I mentioned before in my previous blog post. She cleaned up the hole (!), put some iodine on it and a dressing. Back to flannel washing again. Damn it!

All looks good otherwise. I am booked in to see both the nurse and a doctor on Friday to get a blood test. She thinks it might be hormonal. Maybe my body is sending hormones to my boobs and my boob skin doesn't know what to do with it so it's decided it would like some hair..not really had that before..this'll teach her for chopping me about.

Thanks I have one furry, spotty, not quite so good smoob.

Just what I need!