Thursday, 16 April 2009

56. Time to disturb the mothballs

I am doing my bit for chaity again but I can assure you that doing Race for Life this year is more challenging for me than it is for you to get your debit or credit card out and pledge a LARGE or a small donation online for Cancer Research UK. Check out my page -->

Me abseiling 200ft off the Civic Centre in Plymouth

Me running (yes running) the Race for Life on Plymouth Hoe (5km)

This year is special. I am meeting with some very special women who have shared their own intimate journeys, feelings, choices..some even photos of their own scars and knowing them has helped me get through this. These women also have BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations, some have unfortunately already had cancer, some have taken the preventative surgery route like myself but all of us have struggled through our diagnosis, the implications of knowing about our high risk of cancer and how it can filter through the family. We have all endured many family deaths from cancer and we unite this year to make our gene known - we go to promote the support site I set up and we need your cash.

Me in my stylish umbrella hat!

BRCA Umbrella - the support site I set up for people with BRCA gene mutations

Imagine if you had to watch your children agonise over whether to have children or not because of a gene you had passed onto them, imagine watching them decide to undergo 10 hours of surgery to remove perfectly healthy breast tissue or wombs or ovaries.

Now imagine a moment when all that had to happen was a gene mutation fix, where family was no longer an agonising worry, where cancer was no longer a threat..for life.

Your money can help research get there.


El said...

How amazing to see you abseiling the civic centre! I know that building well and walked past it on the way to work and back so know how tall it is!