Thursday, 9 April 2009

54. And the results are...(drum roll please)...

My breast tissue dissection and examination after full surgical removal was...

Clear - Normal - No pre-cancerous or cancerous cells detected.

It is official - I cut completely healthy organs from my body.


Breast Cancer and I had a race and I ran so bloody fast it didn't touch me! I win!

When so many find out too late about their genetic destiny, their BRCA mutation. I made a choice when I found out, my choice was to eliminate my high risk and to undego preventative surgery in order to live a longer life. My breasts are made from other parts of me but they are still me and I can live with my scars comfortably.

I now have a 2% chance of breast cancer - NOT an 85% chance.

Surgery was worth it. My perseverence, my peristence, my survival instinct drove me onwards through fear and uncertainty and into the unknown.

I won the race against my high risk of breast cancer - I gambled my life on an operating theatre table against the odds of getting breast cancer.

My surgeon helped me prolong my life - he has restored a sense of normality for me, released me from anxiety, from fear, from worry. All that wondering before, fear of pain, fear of disfigurement, stuff deeply troubling me..I weighed it up and it was just so simple. Surgery.

My future has returned.