Friday, 8 May 2009

59. Time for a check up..another flash episode

I've lost count with how many times I've had my boobs inspected now. Today I will go to see my surgeon and breast care nurse who will rate the progress of my new boobs.

As a woman I have a few little things I would like sorted out, after all I am a healthy, young woman with a figure and lost a great set of boobs to all this and I would like some reasonably nice ones to keep in exchange. Sometimes I feel like I am being picky but actually, I have decided that it is MY body and I want it to look good. I have already dealt with the loss of a cup size and I didn't have much to give away in the first place so the least they can do is snip off my dog ears (the ends of the scars on my back near my waist that stick out) and nip and restitch the muscle in my left boob which is not the same shape or hanging the same as the right one. This will cause me problems with ever wearing a bra again as they are at different levels and the underwired bras, the pretty ones that can also give you some extra if you want it, will hurt me. I have a long way to go before I get to wear a bra again but I am planning for the future. I have a school prom to attend with my husband next month and I have to wear a dress without revealing my still kinda scary looking scars on my back, my sticking out dog ears and actually fitting a dress cup. The problem I face now is I used to be an all round 12 and not my upper body is a 10 and my lower is 12. I have come a pear shape and I hate that. That is the thing I am struggling with. My body used to be balanced, equal, in proportion and now I am bottom heavy. I can't explain how upset this makes me, even as I write this I well up. I didn't really appreciate how beautiful my body was before, how perfectly designed, how balanced it was. Now I have a distorted view of myself and I know I will get over it with time but right now, I struggle.

So, I will update my blog later after my appointment. Right now I have so much to write about but trying to stay off the internet to let my brain rest. I think I will do some retail therapy at the garden centre and cheer myself up on the way back, pick up some new bird food to feed my hungry couples who increasingly frequent my bird tables and in turn they will bring their new families to my garden..and hopefully return as adults in the hard winter months. Right now though..spring has well and truly sprung.