Friday, 21 November 2008

5. Oophorectomy: I'll have my menopause now please, pronto!

I got a letter from my gynaecologist and obstetrician consultant, inviting me to call and book my operation for the oophorectomy. I am having both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.(video link for info)

It was kind of a reality hit - this is it, if I do this it means never ever having my own children. But that's fine, I'm okay with that now, I am at peace and know that I have made my choice. No regrets.

It also means - T H E . M E N O P A U S choice!! OMG!!

What will that mean for me? NO MORE PERIODS!!!

All together now.....


On the symptoms side..who knows, I might not flinch an eyelash but I might sweat my arse off at night or I might grow a beard (although the surgeon laughed when I said this and he said I wouldn't). It also means I have to super healthy and get out exercising more. Early menopause means potential bone loss earlier than the average woman in her fifties after menopause and also a higher risk of heart attack. I have to eat good (thankfully I cook from scratch all the time anyway so no shock to the system there) and get lots of sunshine (more holidays then - not a problem, apart from affording them)!!

Sorted! Do you think the NHS will pay for my shopping bill and future holidays in the sun then? Not likely!!

I have listed five website links below that explain about early menopause, osteoporosis and Vitamin D and Calcium.

Early Menopause - Info
Early Menopause - Risks
Eat Well - Vitamin D
Eat Well - Calcium

Basically, good diet and exercise will help things out but fragility in old age is probably likely, but that might mean I spend some time in a groovy racing stripes granny buggy but hey..that's better than death by cancer so I'm all lets go go go!!

If I can get hold of the darn secretary to sort it all out...ho hum. I guess a date will come soon. I think I will ask Santa for lots of bed sheets for the potential night sweats, a sack of soya beans and a two week break in the Maldives! Nice...