Friday, 31 July 2009

68. Pause on the ovary plucking?

I got a letter the other day from my Genetics Counsellor and a further letter from my Consultant Clinical Geneticist, both stating that I was likely in no immediate risk from Ovarian Cancer in the years leading to my 40th birthday.

"I thought that I would just write to reiterate the information that the risk of ovarian cancer over the next few years is really quite small. One of the original studies of BRCA families found that less than 1 in 100 women developed ovarian cancer before the age of 40 and after this age the risk became much more significant."

I was invited to come back at any point if I was worried or changed my mind but that it would be advisable to chat again closer to the age of 40.

So, how do I feel? I've had a blood test returned from me CA125 test as within normal range. The range being between 0 and 35. My results were 32.4. Does this high end of normal result worry me? Strangely, not a lot. I feel strangely unpanicked about it, even though my lifetime risk is upto 60% because of my BRCA1 gene, no-one in my family history has developed Ovarian Cancer that we know of. This is obviously a contributing factor to my relaxed feeling about the disease and my high risk. Before, when I had my natural breasts, my danger boobs, I worried about ALL of it, all of my risks were heightened to me but now, now that I have had my breast reconstruction surgery, I feel calmer, relaxed. It is amazing. It was a sacrifice but a no brainer really. I am alive, well, strong again. I am a different me, stronger.

I found this interesting study about women who developed cancer with BRCA mutations, the results are pretty scary averaging about 70% of those in the study developed cancer by the age of 50. risk for hereditary cancer

So I rest lightly on my laurels for a while. I cannot even contemplate getting my ovaries out right now or in the next couple of years, there is much to do and without any medical benefits of doing it now, just a prolonged risk of osteoporosis for being without the hormones and a few less periods to endure, I will wait for a couple of years before I delve into this again.

I will stay vigilant though. Ovarian Cancer is not silent as most thin, there are signs but subtle ones. Here is a webpage about symptoms if you are worried or interested. Ovarian Cancer Symptoms.


Kay Edwards said...

Hi LA, I remember having a result of 68. I was a bit worried and then it was explained to me that its an average. No more than an average and its the trend that matters, ie is it going up or down. A CA diagnosis would usually bring a result of several 100's.

Kay xx

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Take care, Dennis

Denise said...

Hello, I am an Ovarian cancer survivor. Four months post chemo....