Tuesday, 14 July 2009

66. Off to Plastics

It's been a while since I last posted. Not a lot and a lot happening in life.

Today, in an hour, I have my first meeting with a Plastic Surgeon to review my current physical state after my initial surgery, talk about the way forward and nipples. I am apprehensive but excited too. There is little time to get surgery organised to fit around my first term of uni but I am sure that I can wait a good while now and not panic. I think I would really like to move things forward in March, that will be a year on and I will be on Easter holiday so can recover comfortably without worrying too much about settling into uni. I will almost be through my first year by then.

Well, not a lot has changed physically, I am active again, I still have tightness, some muscle spasms but very few now..still oversensitive in some areas, numb in the back of my left arm and both armpits (which makes shaving them an adrenalin sport these days..will I cut myself or not..so far the game is in my favour Me = 50 Armpits = 0!)

Better get sorted out, I have to fight for a parking space and get some wedge to pay for the trip!

Update later..