Monday, 9 February 2009

38. BRCA Umbrella - Social Network for BRCA+ people

I stumbled on an excellent, user friendly social networking site, 'Ning' that allows you to set up your very own social network - so I did! I called it BRCA Umbrella so that everyone who finds it or is directed there can come and huddle under the umbrella.

The name..well, I love umbrellas. I have one with dragonflies on it, Mum gave it to me. I have shared umbrellas with people, random people, briefly..sheltering from bad weather, wind and snow. It's amazing how people will reach out to each other with an umbrella yet they wouldn't stop and let you get into their car if it was peeing it down would they? The phenomenon of umbrellas..complete strangers inviting you to share intimate space with them. If you haven't done it, try it..or if you are a BRCA+ lady (or man) and want to share the BRCA Umbrella..follow the link and register - it's free! You can blog, post photos, videos, links, chat, there's a forum and also a lot of fantastic, brave, inspirational and beautiful women to share and guide and hold your hand when you need it.

BRCA Umbrella - bringing BRCA+ people together