Saturday, 19 June 2010

79. Save our BRCA Support Group - BRCA Umbrella

I have a numb bottom and back ache. Been sat here all day long putting some serious legwork (more like brain and finger work) into raising funds to help save our precious online BRCA Support Group, BRCA Umbrella. Ning are closing the free 5000 member option with their social network and forcing a monthly fee on us. We can reduce to 150 members and far less function for the network for free but this is not an option. There are over 650 Members.

What is BRCA Umbrella? An online support group and community for those discovering and dealing with their hereditary cancer risk. I posted this to our BRCA Umbrella Facebook Page and Group:

"Save BRCA Umbrella now. Donate less than a cup of coffee or bar of chocolate. Its safe, secure, its via PayPal. Go without one treat to help our members who face their genetic lifetime risk of cancer (upto 85% risk). We are 1 in 1000 and we need each other. Few and far between but forced to seek sanctity in a place where others know just what its like to face difficult life choices about coping, having a family, breast and ovary removal, screening etc. Our future is in your hands. Donate now. Want to sponsor us? Contact us for more details."

I have been contacting potential clients to advertise with us to help generate revenue whilst offering our Members relevant ad links to companies offering services or products they need, such as Mastectomy Bra or Lingerie Companies in the first email wave.

Help promote my fundraising cause by copying the widget pasting this widget into your own blog or website.

Sponsor us through advertising. If you have Cancer related services, products etc, you can advertise here or through BRCA Umbrella.


This blog site has had over 6,500 hits in 15 months. That's over 440 hits a day.

BRCA Umbrella has had almost 30,000 visits, 186,910 Page Views and an average of 6.5 Page Views per visit. BRCA Umbrella visitor stats average at 1,875 visits per month, 61 visits per day.

So, a lot of activity and therefore a thriving network, an alive network of people needing each other and so, in order to keep that place safe, I ask for donations from you. Just give up one small treat, a bar of chocolate or cup of coffee and donate now.

DONATE NOW! Visit the Chip In page to find our more and DONATE NOW!! Visit BRCA Umbrella Donation Page