Thursday, 22 April 2010

77. Out of touch

I went awol for a bit there. Sorry folks. Nothing BRCA related, well, not really apart from the abnormal CA125 (ovary screening blood test)that came back and I had to retest. It is the first time I have really worried about my ovaries. With no evidence of ovarian cancer in my family history (even with the BRCA1 gene risk factor of 40-60% lifetime risk) I sit on my laurels about Ovarian Cancer and maybe I shouldn't. My doctor told me only 2 days ago that I just can't be thinking about ovaries just yet, or revision of my reconstruction scars, or nipples, I have to concentrate on my current health issues: neck and lumbar spine.

Yes, the saga continues. I have an MRI scan for both next Tuesday which I am actually looking forward to. My hip pain has worsened in the last year and my lower back pain that I used to ignore has now become a daily chore since my surgery. I think the lack of Lat Dorsi muscles have exposed an existing problem and it is time to sort it out. My neck is still troubling me everyday and even light exercise on the Wii saw me in agony for a week with daily massage and disturbed sleep. I am signed off at the moment and damned glad. Both problems make daily life painful and is so boring.

Good news! My sinus infection cold appears to have passed (6 week companion) and my bronchial infection is mostly gone but is still lingering but I am using an inhaler for the first time in my life to see if this helps...or else it is off for a chest x-ray.

So, you see..i have more than enough on my plate at the moment, BRCA stuff will have to wait, which bothers me because it bothers me and I want to be on the complete list. I am more than frustrated with my lot right now. Well, them be the cards dealt, gotta live it out and all will resolve.

I would like to book a calm period in life please, a bit like a holiday where there are no worries.

I am frustrated to not be able to log my breast reconstruction progress in an ordered manner but that is just the way the cookie crumbles.


Kay Edwards said...

Hi Leigh-Ann,

My recent back problem is also Lat Dorsi related, or related to the fact that my back doesn't have strength from my Lat Dorsis as they are busy holding up/in inplants! My surgery was 5 years ago now and even though I am a nurse with physical exercise as part of my job causing aches and pains, I didn't think it was necessarily related to my surgery until I saw a very experienced chiropraactor. I don't know if the surgeons realise that there is this problem further down the line!