Wednesday, 28 October 2009

72. Nip Nip? No way! and 3D Nipple Tattoos

My nipple reconstruction has been a thorn in my side for a long time now. What am I doing, getting them or not?! I couldn't decide for a long time but actually, now, I have a possible solution.

I worked out that I miss the size of my old danger boobs but I didn't enjoy wearing bras, even when they were untouched by the surgical knife, and I also miss my nipples. So what am I to do about all that?

I have put on about 8lbs since my surgery and my right boob has gained a little weight (I think) but the left one has not and the size difference is more noticeable than ever. I feel out of proportion when I used to be perfectly balanced. That is hard to deal with for me. I want matching boobs again that balance out my figure, like before my surgery, but that means wearing a substantially padded bra.

Bras are seriously uncomfortable and do not fit me at the top of the cup anymore so bras don't actually help, they just add to the problems I have. I can achieve a bigger sized chest in clothing but am crippled by wearing a bra, making my scars sore and my dog ears stick out underneath, noticeable in tighter fitting tops. Not a great look really.

No bra, no matching boobs and no pain.

Bra, bigger boobs, matching boobs and pain/discomfort.

Now bring some nipples into the equation.

Nipples = sticking out bits
Sticking out bits = bra to cover up
Bras = uncomfortable and bad fitting


Uncomfortable = no bra
No bra = sticking out bits
Sticking out bits = nipples
Nipples = dilemma


So after seeing a BRCA+ friend's recent '3D look' nipples I thought that this might be an option for me. They look so realistic and without identifying her I thought I would post a pic (with her permission) of what they look like below:

I am so amazed at the result that I thought about not having nipples again as a real option. This could be an interim solution whilst I think about the real McCoy...maybe.

Then I found these stick on bras which may be an instant solution for me. NuBra info at

I think I will order one set just to try it out.

Will report my findings once tested!

Quite excited and fed up with being lobsided and dented :(


Kayleigh said...

I soooo relate to this problem!

I had a uni mx w/ped TRAM recon...but the recon boob is a wee bit bigger, not alot, but enough that I notice. That's not the main prob though -- it's also just not in quite the same position as the orignal one. I'm only three os out but I thought by now things would settle swelling-wise and that it would sort of begin to droop. I too have to wear padding to even myself out but even then it just doesn't quite look right in my old clothes. Button-down shirts seem to be the only thing that doesn't draw attention to my boobs and quite frankly I'm sick to death of them, lol!

Please do report on that bra -- am wearing only sports bras right now which doesn't help matters.

I love the idea of those 3D nipples and have read great things about them on some BC message boards -- it's like the best of both worlds, you get to look more traditional but without the other issues that would bother you.

Thanks for posting this!

Janine said...

Those nip tats look awesome! Guess I never thought about lobsideness before since my originals matched perfectly and I can get away without a bra if needed. But now that I'm going to go a bit larger, something to worry about. Good luck with that new bra.

Augmentation Costs said...

The tattoos are looking great! you went to a great artist!